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Fall 2022 Boys Volleyball Open Gyms


We are Super Excited to announce the launch of The Edge Volleyball Academy! TEVA is partnering with EVC and DG Warriors to offer an array of programs that will focus efforts on developing boys ages 12-17 at the basic and intermediate level of volleyball play, and will introduce training and skill building sessions.

We will host scheduled open gyms on the following dates:

Wed-September 7th: 5:30pm-7:30pm

Sun-September 11th: 1pm-3pm

Wed-September 14th: 5:30pm-7:30pm

Sun-September 18th: 1pm-3pm

Wed-September 21st: 5:30pm-7:30pm

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Welcome to TEVA - The Edge Volleyball Academy

Everest Volleyball Club Announcement

Dear Everest Volleyball Family,

Seven years ago, I had a dream. The dream is becoming a reality with the support of a great team of people and a committed army of families. Everest Volleyball Club has set itself apart as a youth sports organization that cares about the whole athlete, from competence to character. Our athletes demonstrate the depth of their development on and off the court.

Now, especially with the sanctioning of boy’s volleyball as a varsity sport, we are poised to realize the dream further. We are excited to announce that EVC is joining The Edge Sports & Arts Academy Family! Its mission is “Helping youth cultivate their character and contribute to the world through the vehicle of sports and the arts.”

This move allows us to bring additional resources and opportunities to our players and their families and enables us to build upon our holistic approach to athlete development.

I will stay on to help contribute to the forward movement of the dream and provide my support for our success in the future. You’ll receive an announcement shortly about our expanding team, but for now, read on to learn more about our expansion.

The Edge has been a premier location for youth sports for over 40 years. Generations of athletes have developed, competed, and grown through their experience at The Edge. In recent years, under new ownership, The Edge has expanded its footprint in the northeast Ohio youth sports arena. Their 54,000 feet facility in Twinsburg has been renovated and now boasts five volleyball courts, a fully-staffed performance center, a turf field, modern restrooms, a stylish cafe for parents to enjoy, and a lobby. But, the greatest asset EVC gains from this relationship are the people of The Edge. The Edge team comprises a diverse, intergenerational, and competent collection of people. Most of the staff members are credentialed in their respective disciplines, have played or coached at least at the collegiate level, and possess the ethos parents can trust when enrolling their kids.

I am fortunate to have had the opportunity with great volleyball minds and exceptional youth athletes. Merging with the Edge enables us to leverage the strengths of both communities to create even more exciting opportunities.

In all sincerity, thank you to all the staff, athletes, and families that have made Everest Volleyball Club a leader in boy’s volleyball.

Matt Synder

Founder, Everest Volleyball Club

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